Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How To Get More Blog Traffic !!!???

Blog traffic is one of the the most important contributing factors to any Blog's success. If you want to make some money from your blog it's a numbers game. The more traffic you get the more money you'll make. It's a simple equation.

However, when you first start a Blog and possibly for many months afterwards it can be a soul destroying experience as traffic to your site trickles in. It can be an up hill struggle to build steady, quality, targeted traffic. It takes dedication, focus and time.

So how do you get more traffic to your Blog fast?

To begin with you should build from the ground up and start with good content. You want the traffic you do draw to the site to stick around, read your content, maybe sign up for your newsletter or RSS feed, post a comment on their own Blog and ideally come back again and again.

Blog traffic will build naturally if you create useful content for your readers and make contacts within the Blogging community. Although this sounds simple building Blog traffic is harder than one might think and there's much more you can do. Taking the time to learn and apply some simple traffic building techniques will see you speed past your competition.

Regular updates are a must, a minimum of 3 times a week at least. These don't have to be major articles. A few paragraphs would suffice if time is tight. But if that's the case those paragraphs better be interesting.

This will at least encourage the readers you do get to keep coming back. An active Blog with comments from current readers encourages more readers. It's the herd mentality in action. ;)

Who wants to be the only reader on a Blog?

Try to encourage interaction, be available to your readers and be quick to reply to comments. Visit your readers Blogs add comments there this may entice their readers to visit your Blog and boost your readership.

Assume that every day is new, because you always have new readers. If you have a passion for your life, your business, your family, your interests whatever your Blog subject is and you share this with your readers they can't help but revisit your site.

Bloggers also love to see other bloggers mention their site. Using a trackback ensures that they know about the mention, which will also increase your exposure and the possibility that they will post about your blog and introduce their audience to you.

When you show a genuine interest in what another blogger is writing about, then that peaks their interest in you.

Trackback can be one of the most effective methods of making connections within the blogging community.

Traffic is the pulse of a blog, without traffic there are no readers, without readers there is no point keeping the blog. Overall remember good content, be active and available.

Source: How to make money online

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